One Fox Valley


The Next One Fox Valley Gathering is Friday, May  13th...!

We desire to continue the spiritual momentum that the Holy Spirit is pouring out through the One Fox Valley Worship/Prayer Gatherings, resulting in monthly gatherings during the school year. 

We desire to go deeper in the Holy Spirit. Simply put...we want to "Make MORE Room" for Him!

We are inviting all Christians of the Fox Valley to gather together to...

One Fox Valley Prayer/Worship Gathering...

What? We have ONE draw the Body of Christ together to pray & worship Jesus. Seeing the corporate Church unified through God's Presence and Word! (Psalm 133 & John 17)

Why? ... to worship Jesus, to glorify Him, for Jesus to be the "consuming fire" in our lives (individually, through the family, and corporately)! Hebrews 12:29 The Spirit is like a fire in at least three ways: He brings God's Presence, God's passion and God's purity.

The focus is also on the fact that this isn’t about me, or you, and what we think or are doing. It’s about…Jesus…and what He is doing and what He desires to do in our lives and community!

This invitation is for the Church (the Body of Christ) to unite in Jesus and to see our community transformed...where Christ’s love reigns! 

Exalting Jesus over the Fox Valley through prayer and worship. For this gathering the geographical focus is first on the Tri-Cities (St. Charles, Geneva & Batavia) and then the rest of the Fox Valley. We are also standing in the gap for our community to see the Kingdom of God advance in every area of society government, education, commerce (the workplace), and the family. Through the act of prayer/worship we will be more greatly unified in Christ. 

Expectations: To see a sustained, transformational move of the Holy Spirit in our community. Since 1998 the Fox Valley has had weekly citywide prayer/worship meetings. We know that the Spirit’s desire is to see more believers become intentional about unifying through worship and prayer on a citywide basis, effectively manifesting the Psalm 133 anointing…“For there the Lord bestows His blessing, even life forevermore.” 

When? Friday, May 13th @ 7pm

Where? 12 S. 7th Ave. in St. Charles, IL @ Trinity Vineyard

For more information and about current weekly Citywide prayer/worship meetings please contact us at 630-761-6541, or or email us at